Friday, 3 February 2017

Ten Interesting facts about myself.


Woohoo! It's day 2 of my 21-day writing challenge.

(I'm kinda late)

This blog post is just something random. I decided to write ten facts about myself. You know,  just so that you can know me better. To be honest, I really don't know why you are actually reading this post. I am the boring-est person alive. Like, I'm very serious. So, just a heads-up: like me, this post, too, will be pretty boring.

P.S: these are just less boring facts about me.


1) I am scared of spiders, darkness, pigeons, dancing, being alone in a social situation and huge crowds.

2) I do not have a middle name. Neither do I have a nickname. I am extremely jealous of people who have either.

3) I am 5"6 and weigh 95 lbs. Yes, I am quite thin (size 2) and I am also very uncomfortable when I discuss my weight because some people assume that I starve myself. A lot of people also ask me to model, but those people don't know that you need a good face, too.

4) I went to study music... twice. Once when I was six. I stopped within a year because I was too lazy. Then I started again when I was nine. I stopped it when I was thirteen though.

5) Despite having studied music, I am the worst at it and can hurt people by producing noise.

6) I am the best when it comes to making friends. But, only with old people. Ironically,  I am terrible at making friends with people my age.

7) I have never gone to a concert. And I have my reasons. Firstly, my social anxiety won't let me. Secondly,  my parents won't let me. I do want to go to one, though. Maybe when I'm older.

8) I'm fluent in quite a lot of languages. I can speak 4 languages fluently and just understand 2.

9) My first language is not English, anddue to my anonymity, I'm not going to say what it is, but, it is my most favourite language and the one I'm most fluent in.

10) I'm talented in most areas; I can sing (somewhat), run quite fast, speak in public, draw, write, read, cycle, swim, quiz, spell, and do a lot of things. The only problem is that I am not extremely good at anything. I am multi talented, but only a tad bit.

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