Thursday, 2 February 2017

My earliest memory.

My earliest memory probably has to be of when I was about four or five years old....

I was with my dad. He had taken me with him to work. My dad works with boats and he had parked the car with me in it near the docks. I don't remember it very clearly but I think there was water behind me. My dad stopped the car to meet up with his friend, who came and talked to me, and later, my dad left me in the car alone, as his friend asked him to check something, after giving me clear instructions not to move about in the car.

Unfortunately, he forgot to buckle me up.

And if you think I actually listened to him, oh, you are so wrong.

Me, being my nosy self, saw something in the driver's seat and decide to move from the passenger seat in the back to the front, accidentally kicking the hand gear, which ended up in the car rolling down backwards, to the water. Yes, I'm serious. If this had happened now, I probably would have died due to an extreme panic attack, but young me didn't know the dangers of a car in water. I, thinking that the car would end up being a submarine, kept my hands on the steering wheel and was extremely excited as I was going on an adventure.

Some guys who were standing there saw me in the car and called for my dad who saw me and, in full superhero style, ran towards me, opened the unlocked door, and fixed the hand gear, after which he, in a very un-movie manner where he should have hugged me and called me his life, scolded me for being very naughty. The earlier mentioned friend followed my dad and gave me another round of scolding. (Thanks, bruh)

Another early memory I just remembered of is that of my mum humming tunes to me with hopes tht I sleep at night, cradling me in her hands.  :')

Aah.... the nostalgia.


Hey you! so, I ended up writing this as I'm kind of taking this 'writing challenge' which I ended up seeing when I was just scrolling through pinterest. I would've written it in my journal,  but I decided to write it here instead.  Oh, and I'm not going to be writing for 30 days, just 21. And in case I fail, I blame the tests I have going on. And sorry for any grammar mistakes.  I'm writing this at 3 in the morning, please have some pity on me, after all I had a terrible maths test today.

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