Friday, 17 February 2017

Martian grandchild.


I was just reading the newspaper today (yes, I do that. Not on my phone, on ACTUAL paper) and I read an article that caught my attention. It said "your grandchildren could be martians" and I got a little too excited.

But what if that actually happened? I'm quite jealous of my grandchildren.

But could you imagine that? Like, instead of living on Earth,  you'd be on mars. I don't know how it works, but I'm guessing that there wouldn't be much greenery anywhere and that's kinda sad but imagine having red everywhere. Life would actually be Britney Spears' '..oops I did it again' music video.

I asked my sister (who happens to be sitting next to me) about her opinions on being a Martian and she's not quite impressed.

Okay, grandchildren, if you happen to read this, my advice to you is: GO. GO. GO. And also: take my coffin with my rotting body with you. 99 years of bad luck if you don't.

But in all seriousness, living on mars would be so cool. I haven't gone outside Europe and Asia yet, but I'm already bored of Earth.

I think life is too short. I mean, you have your youth where you can be crazy for 25 years and out of that, 18 should be spent doing what others tell you to do, and the rest 7 can be spent with you taking risks but still building up and the rest 50 years should be spent taking care of serious things.

I wish humans had a life span of 200 years so that maybe I could live on mars.


I just realised I posted 2 posts today. That's a record!

Sorry for not doing my writing challenge.

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