Wednesday, 22 February 2017



*insert birthday horn noise*

Yeah, yesterday was my birthday and I had probably the best day of my life since a year.

This birthday, I have decided to:

• Leave behind my 'sad' self from March 2016 and smile when I'm happy

• Be myself and crack my lame jokes because I realised that my 'lame' is actually others' 'funny'

• I know I told myself the same thing last year too and ended up being terrible at it, but worry less about what others think. I heard this quote from 'fantastic beasts and where to find them' it's pretty famous so if you don't know it, I'm in awe but it goes: worrying means you suffer twice. So this year I'm going to try to live by that.

• what's the point of these anyways. I'll do things depending on my instincts.

Oh, and I had a beautiful birthday which I'm so thankful for. I'm absolutely grateful for such nice people in my life. So, shoutout to:

• Sierra: I love you, you amazing person who's gone through so much without telling anyone. You're so tough and thankyou so much for doing all the things that you've done for me.

• Affinity: (yeah, I know, cool fake name) but thankyou so much for just listening. You know almost all my secrets and I don't think I'd trust anyone more than you. You tolerate my weirdness and act as if everything I say is normal, and just... just... thanks.

• Andrea: I just want to say thankyou for all the amazing memories you gave me, you sexy beast. All our inside jokes seem to make me laugh, no matter how sad I am and standing next to you makes me look short, so that's basically the only reason why you're my friend.
Oh, and you help me get guys. Well, not exactly 'get' but they atleast glance in my direction.

• Annabeth: thank you for staying by my side for this entire year and I think you are so under appreciated for listening to my rants. I mean, even my own mother ('sup mum, I'm sorry) told me that my rants are boring and you manage to listen to them everyday without ANY complaints.  I am so sorry for all my dumb speeches and thankyou.

And I definitely am not going to forget my family for their amazing gift and party but I'm sleepy, so just quick shout out to mum, dad and sistah.

And if you were wondering about what my friends did, here it is:

I was sad as my exams are about to begin and I'm not ashamed to say that me and my friends are giant nerds and a party before exams is the last thing we need so we decided to not have a party. So, I was returning to the corridor after gym when these dumbasses run ino the corridor with a huge cake and a song and hugs and gifts and cards and an awestruck me. I love these people and words cannot express how happy I was because I hate surprise parties as they giveme anxiety but these idiots did it in the subtle-est manner possible and I felt so loved because I never have things like this happen to me and just Ah- the 500 minute hug each of you gave me. Just- just.

I <3 my dumb dorks.

And then when I came home from school my cray-cray fam gave me a lit party. Which was subtle too and raised my moods and I love my family so much. Thanks for the watch.

I <3 my weird fam.

I'm so thankful for y'all.

My sis just made me hot chocolate so byeee.

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