Friday, 11 November 2016

BOOK HAUL!!!!!!!

You know me. I LOVE BOOKS.

So, how can I resist NOT buying a book(s) when there's a sale.

And I MIGHT have gone overboard.

Maybe for some of you this is a regular habit: Splurging on books every month. But for me, I already have a membership at a library and I borrow books from others if I have to. So, I don't have to buy books ALL the time. And even if I do, the maximum I've ever gone is 3 or 4 books. So, this was a completely new thing and I'M SO HAPPY!!!!

So, I decided to go to a bookstore with my mum (who doesn't actually share my love for books but highly encourages it) by walking (as she LOVES it) for nearly an hour and a half (which was worth it, but left my legs sore) through a bea-yow-tee-ful route (but I couldn't take any pictures because I forgot to take my phone :( ) and what was supposed to be a 'only two books haul' ended up being a SEVEN books haul and I'm just so pleased to complain about how badly my legs still hurt.


The books I bought are:

• The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -Stieg Larrson : I've heard SO much about this book that it felt bad to just not buy it. It was after I came home that I realised that the book was a part of a trilogy. (Nights of paranoia because I done know what is going to happen, here I come!)
• The Taxidermist's daughter -Kate Mosse : as I saw the book I felt a wave of deja-vu wash over me as I don't know, I just remember seeing the book at the same place and something happening and I thought that it was a message from heaven and that I HAD to buy it. So, I did.
• The Utopia experiment- Dylan Evans : I just saw it and was like; this book needs me and I need this book. So, book, you're coming with me. Nothing more, nothing less.
• The book of lost and found- Lucy Foley : first things first (you're freakishly tall ;) hehe, get it? Huh? HUH? )
THE BOOK LOOKS SOOOOOOO PRETTY. I know that it's bad to judge books by their cover, but still. JUST LOOK AT IT. I've been into romance noves a bit too much lately so I decided to take it home.
• The love song of Miss Queenie Hennessy - Rachel Joyce : It was love at first sight.
• The Trials of Apollo; the hidden Oracle - Rick Riordan : well, the main reason of me going to the bookstore was this book. I haven't read it yet ( I know, DISGRACE)  but my bookstore is too slow to get new books, it took me SO LONG to get my hands on it.
• Magnus Chase; the hammer of Thor -Rick Riordan : I actually didn't know that this book had released, so, I was soooo excited when I saw this book, in all its glory on the top-most shelf (which led to me jumping multiple times at the book store, looking like an over excited puppy and then giving up and calling a really tall guy to help me take my baby) I read the first book and REALLY loved it, so, I couldn't resist not buying it. Also, you cannot say no to Uncle Rick.

I hope you enjoyed this stupid blog where I tried to explain my love for books in brief sentences and if you actually reached here, congrats! I don't know why I said that. I'm sleepy.

I need to go. My head hurts. I'm sick (again) so, BUBYEEEEEEEE.

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