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I was not much into mystery/thriller books until recently. (Actually,I was not allowed to read much of those) Apart from my collection of 'Nancy Drew' s , 'Hardy Boys's 'Secret Seven's and other Enid Blyton books, I never really had much "violent" mystery/thriller books until last year. And here is a look at my top 4 mystery/thriller books:
4. Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn
Sharp objects is Gillian Flynn's debut novel and to say that I enjoyed it is simply an understatement. The book had me "engulfed" in it. And the end! Oh Gods the end! It was the best end that could ever possibly be there in a book. I'm not going to do a summary or a big review on these books because I don't want to spoil the end for you, that's why.

3. The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins
I really did love The Girl on the Train. I loved it so much that my sympathy for the main character was so high that I - Oh! sorry! no spoilers.But seriously, This book had me absorbed into it from the beginning and most mystery/thriller books fail to have that effect on me.

2. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn
The books by Gillian Flynn never fail to get me impressed.I'll admit it, the beginning was a little bit boring but towards the end i couldn't  put it down. This book is seriously just amazhang! (what makes me love this book even more is the fact that this book was my first ever mystery/thriller book)

1. The Lost Boy- Camilla Lackberg
Ask me for a decent mystery/thriller book with the right amount of bad language, violence and other inappropriate stuff (not too much) and I'll recommend 'The Lost boy' to you. The fact that this book isn't very popular makes me go "whaaaa?" This book is very well-written and i give it 10/10.

Thankyou so, very much for checking out this blog! I love you. Please keep smiling. And please, if you want me to do any blog, ask me for it.

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