Wednesday, 16 March 2016


I am a girl and I am fourteen (as of march 16th 2016). I can describe my Loves in a few words:
Harry Potter                                          Makeup 
Heroes Of Olympus                               Hair
chocolate                                               Drawing
Daniel Radcliffe                                      Travelling 
Josh Hutcherson                                    Writing
Drarry                                                   Reading
Solangelo                                              F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Fashion                                                 Percy Jackson and the Olympians
All things nerdy/geeky                           
(( I apologise in advance to every other book/show/food/actor/ship i forgot to mention. SORRY))

So, basically, I'm a geeky 14 year old who eats a lot and is fit (thanks to my high metabolism).Spends almost half of her time on YouTube yet can score good marks.Spends her time shipping other people and some with herself yet has time to pamper herself. Is socially active, yet has Social Anxiety?
Yes. That's me.
I named this blog "The Iridescent Dandelion" because.... I really don't know why.... SORRY!
I have absolutely no idea how often I'll post blogs. I have spring break right now so I guess pretty often...?
I hope you would join me on this "journey" where I post random things on and um.... Have a Nice day?
-The inspirational blog.

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