Sunday, 9 October 2016

Winter frustration

HEY THERE!!!!! AAAAAH!!!! HIIIIII, I missed you.

So, I had a few important tests going on for the past two weeks and it has been... well, um, horrible. I forcefully stopped myself from going online and I've had a thousand ideas for my little space on the internet called this blog (:-P) DURING those times.

Right now, I'm cuddled up in a blanket, writing this because it's so cold right now.
(Now I know what you're thinking. Yeah, I know, the weather's been cold for a few days.)
Nope, it's not cold because of the weather. It's cold because my mum decided to leave the air conditioner temperature as low as she could. -_-

The temperature outside is actually leaving me frustrated. WHY IS IT NOT WINTER OR EVEN COLD YET?!?! I can't wait to start wearing cardigans and start covering myself up. It's difficult to not be excited about autumn when the rest of the world already got their pumpkin spiced lattes and you're still sweating when you step outside.

The winter-est thing that happened to me is: I've got a cold. Yes, the flu has hit me. My head hurts as I've gotten sinusitis. :(

Quote(s) of the day:
• this too, will pass.
• do everything with one aim, enjoying.  In that manner, it doesn't matter if you've won or lost.
•take chances.

I'm about to go to the doctor's to get medication and I need to look presentable, so I need to go. Bye. (I say, to the 0 people reading this.)

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